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Cool whatsapp status lines

Author: whatsapp status Published date: 2013-07-14
free Cool whatsapp status lines for status
Cool whatsapp status lines
1:I dont have to win…. To be called a winner….I dont have to lose…. To be called a looser….I gave my attention…. I gave my support….All of this is for a reason…. For my love and respect….I’ll have to fight for a reason… Reason for my love to shine….

2:The secret was to just be cool, stay in God's graces, and work it out.

3:WHY ME ? Arthur, A Legendary Wimbeldon Tennis Player, Was Dying Of AIDS Which He Got Due To Infected Blood He Received During A Heart Surgery. Once He Was Asked: Why Did GOD Choose You For Such A Bad Disease? Arthur Rplied: From The World Over 50 Million Children Start Playing Tennis, 1 Million Learn To Play It, 50,000 Learn Professional Tennis, 20,000 Come To The Circuit, 5000 Reach The Grand Slam, 50 Reach Wimbledon, 4 To Semi Finals, And 2 To The Finals, And Only 1 Wins, When I Was That Only ONE And I Was Holding The Cup, I Never Asked GOD: Why Me? So Why Now...?

4:Never think of the past it brings tears,If you think of the future it brings fears,So, live life in the present and drink chilled beers!

5:We had the skirts with the slits up the side, sort of tough, sort of Spanish Harlem cool, but sweet too.,Cool whatsapp status lines

6:Playing and singing at the same time is pretty cool, but sometimes it's difficult to know when you can just really let go a bit because you've got to get back to bloody microphone and sing some stuff.

7:Hip-hop is still cool at a party. But to me, hip-hop has never been strictly a party; it is also there to elevate consciousness.

8:To me, what I love about the draft is; first, you see the young men who are realizing their dreams that they've worked so hard for. That's a pretty cool thing. You saw the emotion from some of these guys the other day. And then, the second thing is this total sense of hope and optimism. And, I think that's great for everybody.

9:A SHORT & TRUE MSG FOR LIFE:- Care Should Be In Heart Not In Words.. & Anger Should Be In Words Not In Heart..

10:The cool part of being an entertainer is getting the opportunity to get your feet wet in all areas.,Cool whatsapp status lines

11:And I remember as a second or third grader having some autonomy to go to the store if I felt like it, walk home, take my time, kick the can. We were on our own schedule after school, so that was cool.

12:I could do without 'cool' publications calling me 'mom jazz.' But I laughed all the way to the bank, baby.

13:I Think U R Very Careless! U Cum N Leave Things Behind See Now Wot U Hav Left! U Just Came In My Mind N Left A.... SMILE On My Face

14:I didn't watch much TV as a kid and I don' t watch it now. I don' t find anything beautiful or unique to the medium, and the only thing you can do on TV that you can't do in film is make a continuing story - which is so cool!

15:I was training more learning how to scuba dive which I'd never done which was really, really, really cool.
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