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Cool whatsapp status in hindi

Author: whatsapp status Published date: 2013-07-14
free Cool whatsapp status in hindi for status
Cool whatsapp status in hindi
1:Scooby Doo: Taught Me To Never Be Afraid Of Screwing Up Tom And Jerry: Taught Me Friendship. Courage The Cowardly Dog: Taught Me To Over Come My Fears. J.I. Joe: Taught Me Team Work. Alladin: Taught Me Nothing Is Impossible Mickey Mouse: Taught Me To Be Good Person. Chip N Dale: Taught Me No Matter How Small You Can Still Rock On. Richie Rich: Taught Me To Never Feel Proud. Dexter: Taught Me That Science Was Fun. Mr.Bean: Taught Me To Make Everyone Laugh They Were Cartoons To All But For Me..... They Were My Teachers.. ?

2:Enjoying In Burning Hotness- Thats My Vcations. Shivering With Fear Of Result- Thats My Winter. Have Empty Pockets With Ideas For Pakistan Tour-Thats My Passion. Thinking To Make Long Long Calls To All My Friends, But Balance Rs 3.43-Still Thats My Love For Friends. Want To Study Whn Nothing Is To Study- Thats My Love For Books. Who M I? Typical Student ;)

3:You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression.; U Never Born 4 The Second Time 2 Make This Life Good So Make It Now... ;->

4:‘Don’t mix my personality and my attitude.because my personality is ME.and my attitude depends on YOU. . . !!’

5:People Gv U Coal Nd Cnsidr It Gold Nd If U Gv Thm Diamond Thy Cnsidr It Coal..! I've Learnd.. I Came Alone Nd I've 2go Alone..! I've Learnd.. People R Wid U Only Wen Thy Need U, Nt Othrwise..! I've Learnd.. Extra Care Of Anyone By U Will Ultimately Bring A Blame For You, Not Appreciation..! I've Learnd.. A Simple LIE Of Ur Close One Can Break You More Than Anything..! I've Learnd.. Its Very Hard To Weep Alone When There Is No Shoulder To Support U..! I've Learnd.. Luv Urself And Love People But Only If U Can Do It Without Expecting Anything From Thm..! Its Vry True... <('.') //> TXt _/\_Kì€R,Cool whatsapp status in hindi

6:The Most FAKE Thing You Will Ever See Is When: Two Girls Meet Each Other For The First Time ... =P =D (Peace Ladies)

7:The inevitable truth of life:“Everyone in our life is going to hurt u sooner or later.U just have to realise who worths more? The pain or the person??”

8:Mere Passs Aik Ase Contry Ka Code Hai Kii Jiss Ko Agr App Apni Mobile Ki Msg Center Main Laga Den Gye To Ufone Si Appki SMS All Over The World Theek Jayen Gy Woh Code Hai.....??? Uss Code Ki Liye Apko Mujy Sms Kerna Ho Ga As I Cants Share It Here Its Working On My Mobile Main Net Kaam Use Kerti Hon...

9:Empty Messages Also Looks A D O R A B L E If You Like The S E N D E R :=)) cool sms 10638 Girl: What Time Do You Go To Sleep ? ? Boy: Only When You Go To Sleep Girl : Why Only When I Sleep ? ? Boy : Because ,, Then I'll Have No Reason To Be Awake cool sms 10639 Th0uGhT For The LIFE TIME Work Hard But Make Some Time To Your L O V E F A M I L Y N F R I E N D S Nobody Remembers The Power-Point Presentations, Marks 0r Degrees On Your Death ...

10:Palak Jhuka Kar Salam Karte Hain,is Dil Ki Dua Aap Ke Naam Karte Hain,Kabul Ho To Muskra Dena,Hum Ye SMS Aap Ke Naam Karte Hain.,Cool whatsapp status in hindi

11:1 Boy Apny Bachpan Ki Yaad Mn. . . O Waqt Bara Acha C. Jado Main Nikka Bacha C. Goliyan,Tofiyan Khanda C. Nikkar, Kachchay Panda C. Na Lokan Di Koi Tnsion C. Na Abbay Di Laggi Pension C. Na Kurriyan Da Koi Rola C. Ishq Da Kam V Zra Hola C. Aalo,Cholay Khanda C. Jampan,Shampan Landa C. Lokan Dy Boway Panda C. bby Ko Kot V Khanda C. Ty Far V Hasda Rahnda C. Wakat V Bra Acha C. Jadon Ma Nikka Bacha C.. .

12:Relations r not exams to pass or fail And Not a competition to win or lose But It’s a feeling in which u care for someone more than yourself.

13:The FragRance Of FlowErs SpreAds OnlY In ThE DireCtion Of ThE WinD. But ThE GoodNesS OF A PersOn SpreAds In AWl DireCtion.... EM Hv Yew.........

14:A Smart Statement Never Raise Ur Voice, Just Improve The Quality Of Ur Argument

15:Agar ek bar hichki aye to samajhna k i m remembering u.Agar 2 bar aye to samajhna i want to meet u.Agar 3 bar aye to samajhna i miss u.Agar phir aye.To plz pani pi lena mujhay aur bhi kam hain….
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