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Cool whatsapp status for girls

Author: fb status Published date: 2013-07-14
free Cool whatsapp status for girls for status
Cool whatsapp status for girls
You look familiar. Have we met? I'm a good friend of the host. Nice to meet you. (At a friend's party)

You are too darn pretty to be sitting at a bar all alone. Next round is on me. (At a bar)

That's a good book. I recently finished reading it myself. Mind if I sit down? (At a library)

You are a seriously good cook. Why don't you open your own bakery? I'd be your number one customer. (At a bake off)

I noticed that you've been sitting here all alone. Mind if I buy you a drink? (At a bar)

Care if I join you? I promise I'll be pleasant company. (At a coffee shop)

Is this seat taken? I don't like sitting alone for long train rides. (On a commute)

1:Parh Parh Aalim Faazil Hoyon Kadi Apnay Aap Nu Parhiya Nahi Ja Ja Mandir Maseeti Wardain Kadi Apnay Andar Tu Warriya Nahi Roz Aiwain Shetaan Naal Larda Ain Kadi Nafs Apnay Naal Lariya Nahi &Quot;Bullhay Shah&Quot; Asmaani Ud'dian Pharda Ain Jehra Ghar Betha Unho Pharria Nahi

2:A SHORT & TRUE MSG FOR LIFE:- Care Should Be In Heart Not In Words.. & Anger Should Be In Words Not In Heart..

3:People look at me and see a calm, cool guy on the sidelines and I want them to know that my Christian faith affects my coaching and everything I do.

4:Again, like I said, we're not trying to censor anyone. If you think drugs are cool, fine. Make that movie. We are not going to stop you, or try to stop you, but we would encourage other people to be a bit more responsible about their portrayal of drug usage.

5:“A great relationship is based on two main principles.First, appreciate your similarities, and second, respect your differences.”Have A Lovely Day =),Cool whatsapp status for girls

6:Sometime a blank paper tells u whole story.Some time even a book lacks the meanings.It is true that word are important But“Silence increase worth of some words”.

7:Playing and singing at the same time is pretty cool, but sometimes it's difficult to know when you can just really let go a bit because you've got to get back to bloody microphone and sing some stuff.

8:“Experience is not what happens to you;it is what you do with what happens to you.and how well you encourage your experiences”

9:“A great relationship is based on two main principles.First, appreciate your similarities, and second, respect your differences.”Have A Lovely Day =)

10:When U Feel Lonely, Press ____ (0333). If U Miss Me, Press __ (584), Want A Smile, Press __ (288), Need Encouragement, Press __ (9), Press Them All Together And U Can Hear Me!,Cool whatsapp status for girls

11:Silent Msg 4 Mobile Phone Users: Mobile Phones May Get You Close To The People Who Are Far Away, But They Take You Away From The People Sitting Next To You..

12:It's not cool to be an alcoholic.

13:I like America. I think it's pretty cool.

14:I've won some pretty cool things in my life and I have a lot of great titles.

15:Look at Scottish guys wearing kilts - you could look at them and laugh, but the way they carry themselves, how can you? You can wear some of the weirdest things and be cool. If you believe in it, that's what makes it cool.
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