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Muharram facebook status,muharram fb status

Author: fb status Published date: 2013-11-02
free Muharram facebook status,muharram fb status for status
1:Dil ki basti mein karbala barpa
Lashay yadon k khaak mein ghiltan
Kheima-e-Fiqr zad pe shoalon ki
Harf sajda kunan hain honton per
Har taraf al-atash ki awazein
Maan nezon pay hain tarazu huey
Dharkno k galu pay khanjar hai
Khab k sar say chin chuki hai rida
Bain uthtay hain dil ki nagri say
Pyar ki alqama pay pehray hain
Zeest ko daan abla pai
Dast-e-Qatil mein zulf subha ki
Ashk arzan huey hain palkon pay
Phir Muharram kaa chand nikla hai

2:Janat Ki Aarzu Main
Kahan Ja Rahe Hain Log

Janat To Karbala Main
Khareedi HUSSAIN Ny

Dunya-o-Aakhrat Main
Jo Rehna Ho Chain Sy

Jeena ALI Sy Seekho

3:Wafa ko naaz hai jis par usay Abbas(AS) kehte hein Lagay jo Saani-e-Haider(AS) usay Abbas(AS) kehte hein Alam patthar pe jo gaaray usay kehte hein sab Haider(AS) Alam gaaray jo pani par usay Abbas(AS) kehte hein

4:I read over a hundred books a year and have done so since I was fifteen years old, and every book I've read has taught me something.

5:I'm healthy and excited to play. And I think this year can be a big year for me if I get the opportunity. I can still play the game. I think I can help a team get to the Super Bowl.,Muharram facebook status,muharram fb status

6:The average celebrity meets, in one year, ten times the amount of people that the average person meets in his entire life.

7:I receive about 10,000 letters a year from readers, and in the first year after a book is published, perhaps 5,000 letters will deal specifically with that piece of work.

8:It was a real rough year and a half. I was getting 80 shots every four weeks.

9:You're allowed to rip-off another score so close that it's ridiculous. In my opinion it's ridiculous, how closely one can just rip-off a score that happened a year or two earlier.

10:Then I would have an occasional cigarette and then I started back dipping. I started dipping last year. My family has asked me again to stop, and I'm trying my best to do that.,Muharram facebook status,muharram fb status

11:I disagree with a lot of those changes, however at the end of the day - I go down to recruit graduation at least once or twice a year.

12:After one year in the Texas League, the American League bought the rights to my contract. They optioned me back to the Texas League for the 1970 season.

13:The main thing is healthy eating, exercise, which I do for special events, like if it's Sports Illustrated, or the swim suit catalogue for Victoria's Secret, or my own calendar that I did for the year 2000.

14:No matter how corrupt and unjust a convict may be, he loves fairness more than anything else. If the people placed over him are unfair, from year to year he lapses into an embittered state characterized by an extreme lack of faith.

15:If only we could persuade galleries to observe a fallow period in which, for two months every other year, new and old works of art could be sold in back rooms and all main galleries would be devoted to revisiting shows gone by.
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