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Friday islamic quotes for facebook status

Author: fb status Published date: 2013-04-03
free Friday islamic quotes for facebook status for status
Friday islamic quotes for facebook status
Friday prayer services do not always happen in a mosque. University students often arrange Friday prayers in an empty hall or auditorium. Mosques in urban areas host prayers in satellite locations, such as downtown office buildings or even churches.facebook status http://www.rentiantang.net/

As with all acts in Islam, take a quiet moment to purify your intention, affirming that you plan to attend Friday prayers for God’s sake alone.

While Friday is usually a holiday in Muslim-majority countries, it’s a regular workday elsewhere, and some men are not able to attend as a result. Do your best to fit Friday prayers into your work schedule.

If you are able and you have time, take a shower or bath on Friday morning, as this practice was recommended by the Prophet Muhammad, who advised his followers to keep clean.

Dress in clean, modest clothes. For men, this means no shorts. For women, this means covering the arms and legs, avoiding tight or revealing clothing, and bringing along a headscarf.
1:He Who Truly Believes In Allah And The Last Day, Should Speak Good Or Keep Silent. Bukhari, Muslim

2:Whoever Sees The New Moon Of Ramadhan Should Recite The Following Dua. Lord Of The Worlds O Allah Let The New Moon Bring Us, Peace And Faith Safety. Bukhari

3:))))), ( C ' ? >--
4:Tum Sakhi Bano Per Itne Nahe K Tum Khud Doosron Se Mango, Aur Apne Liye Bachat Karo Per Itni Nahe Jo Kanjoos Ban Jao.

5:Hazrat Mohammad(S.A.W) Ny Farmaya Salam Ko Rivaj Do (Yani K Salam Ko Aam Kro) Gharibon Ko Khana Khilao, Aur Kafiron Sy Jang Kro Jannat K Waris Bano Gy -TIRMIZI-,islam sms

6:Wo Gunnah Jis Pay Tum Pasheman Ho Us Naiki Say Behter Hai Jis Say Tum May Garoor Paida Ho Jaye HAZRAT ALI

7:? ./|??\ W /??| |??| | ./..| |__/\__| | | | .|_|_____/\.___| |_| ..Allah E Ke Liye Hein Jo Kuch Zamino Mein Hein .Aur Jo Kuch Aasman Mein Hai .Hamesha Us Ka Sukar Ada Kiya Karo.!.

8:I love it when Muslims go to war with each other, as I do when the Christians do, because it shows there's no such thing as the Christian world and the Islamic world. That's all crap.

9:Ahadees .?Sb Logo Me Zyada .Gunah Us Shaks Ke .Hon Ge Jo .Kasrat Ke Sath .BEFAIDA .Batain Krta .Hai? .?AKSAR GONAH .Ibn E ADAM Kay .Os Ki Zuban Mai .Hen? .PLZ FOrward.

10:QURAN E PAK Main Kuch Khubsurat Duain 1. Ae Mere RUB! Beshak Tu Jo Bhi Bhalai Meri Tarf Utarey Ga Main Uska Mohtaaj Hoon (ALQASAS-24) 2. Ae Mere RUB! Main Tujhe Pukar Kay Kabhi Mehroom Nahi Raha (ALMARIYAM-4) 3. Ae Mere RUB! Mere Liye Apne Pas Jannat Main Ghar Bana Dijiay (ALTEHREEM-11) AMEEN,islam sms

11:According to Islamic principles, when a man is accused of heresy, he is given the choice between repentance and punishment.

12:One Who Takes Back His Gift (Which He Has Already Given) Is Like A Dog That Swallows Its Vomit. Bukahri

13:Having Allah In Your Heart Does Not Mean That You Will Not Face Any Storm. Rather, It Means That No Storm Can Sink Your Boat. Trust Allah !

14:Aye Mallik.E.Arz O Samawat .Aye Khaliq Kainat Hamain Hamaysha Mahfooze Farma .Bairoze Gari Say, .Tangdasti Say, .Aazmayesh Say, .Rizaq Ki Kami Say, .Ruswai Say, .Qaraz Say, .Maraz Say, .Jahanum Say, .Hisaab Kitaab Say, .Waaldain Ki Na Farmani Say, .Deen Ki Doori Say, .Amanat Mai Khianit Say, .Or Bai Emani Ki Maut Say.! . AAMEEN ./\ .[;] ! .[;] , -""- , ( * .[;]......"""""........., .[;];;;;;;{___};;;;;;;[;] .============= .SHAB-E-BARAT Mubarak Ho Aap Ko Or Aap Ki Famly Ko. .,*'*, .( C' ?.

15:Hadith: Rizaq K Kum Milnay Ki Shikayat Na Karo. Beshak Us Waqt Tak Kisi Shakhs Ko Maut Nahi Ati Jab Tak K Usay Us Ka Rizaq Tamam Na Mil Jaye. (Al-Baheeqi)

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