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Moon symbols to copy and paste text

Author: fb symbols Published date: 2013-03-03
free Moon symbols to copy and paste text for status
Moon symbols to copy and paste text
☾ ☽
1:Measured by miles, u r far frm me. Measured by thoughts u r closer to me, Measured by closed eyes u r with me & Measured by heart u r in me as my true frnd 4ever

2:Dub kar Roshani Dena Koi Suraj Se Sikhle.Dosti Kar Ke Dard Lena Koi Mujh Se Sikhle.SMS pa kar “REPLY” na Karna Koi Aap se Sikhle.facebook status http://www.rentiantang.net/

3:No One Can Go Back &Amp; Make A New Beginning, But Anyone Can Start From Now And Make A Happy Ending! Hope U'll Have A Day That Starts Right And Ends Happy!

4:Pyar Ke Sitaare Jab Gardish Mein Hote > > Hai, > > > > > Laila Ghar Mein Aur Majnoo Jail Mein > > Hote Hai. > > > > > > > > > >

5:What Is The Thing Which Keeps On Decreasing (Of All The Living Beings)? Simple, Its The AGE, Bcoz After Birth V All Travel 2wards Death...!,funny sms

6:A Boy Sees A Beautiful Girl Sitting Right Next To Him & Writes In A Paper I Love You, Do You Love Me? And Passes D Paper To Her. ... She Replies: NO He Didn't Give Up. He Rubbed Her Answer And Passed It To Another Girl And She Replied: YES Moral Of D Story Definitely Not What You Think.. It's Save Earth, Recycle Paper ! =P =D

7:I'm Desperately Trying To Find Out Those 4 Pple Who R Intrstd In My Life, Whn Mom Keeps Saying.. ...Chaar LOG Dekhenge To Kya Bolenge..

8:Kia Tum B Roye Ho Kabi..? .. .. .. .Es Qadar Toot Kr ..Meri Yadon Se Nidhal Ho Kr ..Mujh Se Milny Ko Betab Ho Kr .. .. .. .Kia Tum B Roye Ho Kabi?.?.

9:Larki: Musibat K Wakt Hamasha Muskarana Rehna Chahiya. Larka: Is Liya To Main Tumhain Dekh Kar Muskarata Rehta Hoon. .
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