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Facebook status game 2013

Author: fb status Published date: 2012-12-28
free Facebook status game 2013 for status
Facebook status game 2013
1:You're in a rock band. Choose 10 of your Facebook friends to tag as each one:

On drums & whisky:
On the base guitar & pot:
On rhythm guitar & vodka:
On lead guitar & beer:
On flute & pain killers:
On bongos & coca-cola:
On bag pipes & iron brew:
On synthesizer & a cup of tea:
On cow bell and a groupie:
On lead vocals & cough sweets:

2:Your at the movies watching a scary movie. Tag 6 of your Facebook friends as each of the following:

1) The one who constantly talks:
2) The one who won't sit still:
3) The one who eats all the popcorn:
4) The one who keeps screaming:
5) The one who gets scared in the first 10 minutes and runs out:
6) The one who cant sleep when we get home

3:If you know me then this should be interesting ......and you would know that ....I am( )? I love( )? I hate( )?Put this as your status and see how many know you well…

4:There are four stages in life: 1) You believe in Santa Claus. 2) You don’t believe in Santa Claus. 3) You are Santa Claus. 4) You look like Santa Claus.

5:The Mental Hospital Status Tagging Game

You’re in a mental hospital. Tag 6 of your Facebook friends:
1. Person who drove you crazy:
2. Person who signed you in:
3. Your doctor:
4. Person in the corner drooling on themselves:
5. Your roommate:
6. Person who helps you break out:,game Facebook status

6:Poke me if you`ve ever had a crush on me.

7:Send me a random number and I`ll tell you what I think of you. So if someone email you and said my number is 63587 you would then put in your status somthing like: 63587- I think you`re a great friend.

8:The Royal Facebook Status Tagging Friends Game

You live in a castle. Tag 9 of your friends:
The Queen:
The King:
The Butler:

The Prince:
The Princess:
The 2 maids:
The 2 gardeners:

9:I will answer any question truthfully for 24 hours. Send any question to my inbox! Dare you to make this your status!

10:The Nursing Home Status Tagging Friends Funny Status Game

You’re old and in a nursing home. Tag 8 of your friends:
1. Old naked man wearing nothing but a dusty old robe:
2. Old man/woman who drools all over themselves:
3. Old lady with too much make-up:
4. Angry old man who always complains:
5. Old lady with a dusty tilted wig:
6. Old man who says, “Pull my finger”:
7. Crazy WW2 old man who is your roommate:
8. Old lady who moans about young people:
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