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Facebook status feeling loved

Author: fb status Published date: 2013-09-05
free Facebook status feeling loved for status
Facebook status feeling loved
1:Zindagi jaise ek saza si ho gayi hai,gamm ke saagar me is kadar kho gayi hai,tum kar do ek SMS yeh guzarish hai meri,tumari SMS ki adat si ho gayi hai.

2:Sometimes it's hard to be a woman giving all your love to just one man.

3:Yaadon mein tum … khayalo mein tum…Teeri aankhon mein ho gaye hum gum Bhool gayi saari duniya Yaad hai to bas tum hum..hum tum

4:I don’t want a Fairy Tale ending…I want a Fairy Tale that never ends.

5:Love may be or it may not, but where it is, it ought to reveal itself in its immensity.,Facebook status feeling loved

6:Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time.

7:There’s just some days when it all seems to be wrong and nothing feels right.

8:Us K Sath Rhte Rhte Hame Chahat C Hogai .Us Se Bat Krte Krte Hame Adat C Hogai 1 Pal Na Mily To Becheni C Lagti Hai Dosti Nibhate Nibhate Hame Mohabat C Hogai.

9:love is feeling, can you feel it?
love is truth, can you face it?
love is mystery, can you try to open it?
love is gorgeous, have you seen it?
love is belief, believe me.....

10:Aik Baat Kahoon Agar Suntey Ho ? Tum Mujh Ko Achey Lagtey Ho Kuch Chanchal Se , Kuch Chup Chup Se Kuch Pagal Pagal Lagtey Ho Hain Chahney Waaley Aur Buhut Par Tum Mein Hai Aik Baat Buhut Tum Apney Apney Lagtey Ho Aik Baat Kahoon Agar Suntey Ho ? Tum Mujh Ko Achey Lagtey Ho Yeh Baat Baat Pe Kho Jaana Kuch Kehtey Kehtey Ruk Jaana Yeh Kiss Uljhan Mein Rehtey Ho? Kiya Baat Hai Hum Se Keh Daalo Aik Baat Kahoon Agar Suntey Ho ? Tum Mujh Ko Achey Lagtey Ho,Facebook status feeling loved

11:Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it?s what you are expected to give ? which is everything.

12:Judai aapki rulate rahengi,Yaad aapki aate rahengi,Pal pal jaan jati rahengi,Jab tak jism mein hai jaan,Meri har saans pyar nibhati rahengi.

13:One does not fall in love; one grows into love, and love grows in him.

14:I took All The Pain Killers
Coz I Wanted To Wash Away My Pain
But One Thought Of U
And It Hurts All Over Again. . .

15:My love u night and day ,4ever be dis luv,thy Honesty come as it will be done by people in luv,I miss you today as i always do,4give me were i do u wrong as i'll do the same to u.lead me not to suspicions but to be trustworthy.4 there is luv,communucation,trust and happiness in this relationship.let it be so.I LOVE U CONNY
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